Elafonisos and Milos are the best destinations for family holidays, according to a British blogger


Eaves owns the website Monkey and Mouse and has a following of 50,000 on Instagram and 20,000 on Twitter.

Her Elafonisos and Milos chooses as suitable destinations for family holidays with children n British blogger Jenny Eaves who recently visited the two islands following a planned trip organized by the Municipalities.

Mrs. Eaves owns it Monkey and Mouse website and is followed by 50,000 users on Instagram and 20,000 on twitter.

It also works with major agencies such as Bookings for you, inews, the Telegraph and Families Central Scotland Magazine.

Her presentations have the form travel guide with directions and suggestions for attractions and activities in each location that are kid-friendly and enjoyable.

In her text about Appleafter pointing out that it is “a beautiful jewel in the Aegean Sea”, writes in its introductory note that it has a natural harbor and “calm turquoise seas for swimming” and adds: “The natural beauty of the island and the Mediterranean climate make Milos a popular choice of the Cyclades islands to visit”.

For Elafonisos, which he writes is not as well known to UK tourists as other Greek islands, is one of the top holiday spots. Beyond the island’s beaches, he makes special mention of the church of Agios Spyridon which is located on an islet connected to the rest of the island by a bridge and where, as he writes, many weddings and baptisms are organized every year.

Both travel guides are accompanied by numerous photos of landscapes and selected foods of the rich gastronomy.


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