“Without me, Anitta wouldn’t exist”, says Naldo Benny – 05/08/2022 – Celebrities


A recent interview with Naldo Benny, 43 angered Anitta’s fans. The singer proclaimed himself as one of the pioneers of the junction between funk and pop in the early 2000s and it was thanks to him that new artists walked the new path, including Anitta. Interpreter of hits like “Chantilly” and “Me Chama Que Eu Vou”, he even quoted a phrase said by a friend: “Without Naldo, Anitta wouldn’t exist”.

“I would sell a show one week and tell my manager to put up 20 thousand and I would go there and do it. The guys would pay. The following week, these people would come back and ask for another show, I would tell them to put 30 thousand and they would pay. the shirt and say that I was the guy who turned funk to funk pop. When I recorded my first DVD, in 2011, there was no Anitta, Ludmilla… There was no one. I made funk become an industry , industrialized the genre”, fired the singer.

Naldo also said in an interview with Barba Cast that he helped to increase the funkeiros’ fees when only the sertanejos and the axé singers made a lot of money with shows. He also recalled that he was the first to chart a career in the United States. “In 2008, I was giving interviews saying, ‘I’m going to have a house in Miami, I’m going to make an international career, starting in Miami, for the Latin audience. [que reside por lá]. Anitta followed that”, he commented, who received a lot of criticism from the singer’s fans.

“Naldo had to walk for Anitta to run”, mocked a follower of the funkeira. “Saying that Anitta and Ludmilla need to thank him for their success… Wow! It’s a lot of Naldo’s self-esteem”, commented the second internet user and the third completed questioning: “Is he kidding?”.

It is worth remembering that the podcast Inteligência Limitada, Anitta’s former manager, Kamilla Fialho, praised the singer. “Naldo has always had a head for pop. He’s a host, he was the one who turned the key. If he hadn’t appeared, maybe Anitta wouldn’t have come in the same package”, she said and Naldo agreed.

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