Ann Hess: The actress is not expected to make it after the car accident – She is brain dead


In a statement, the actress’ family said Hess was “not expected to survive.”

Unfortunately, one step before they close the technical support at If Hess are the relatives of the actress, who was involved in a serious car accident last week and has been in a coma since, according to CNN.

A statement issued by her family says that Hess is “not expected to survive” as she suffered cerebral hypoxia as a result of the accident and is in a serious coma.

“It has long been her choice to donate her organs, and she is being kept on mechanical support to see if any of them are suitable for transplant,” her family and friends said in a statement.

And they conclude: “She will be remembered for her brave honesty and her light will be missed.”

Anne Hess, who was once in a relationship with presenter Ellen DeGeneres, was involved in a serious car accident last Friday in Los Angeles. According to local authorities, she was speeding when her vehicle swerved and crashed into a residence before bursting into flames. Some media reports that the actress was under the influence of drugs.

The 53-year-old actress became famous for her participation in the soap opera “Another World”, where she played the role of twin brothers Biki and Marley between 1987 and 1991, for which she won an Emmy Award. He has participated in several films, while in recent years he has appeared mainly in television series.

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