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Tom Holland will take a break from social media to take care of his mental health


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Tom Holland joined the list of celebrities who decided to detox from social networks. The 26-year-old actor released a video on Saturday (13) saying that even with more than a decade’s experience in acting, he had already been trying to shoot the two-minute video for about an hour.

“I can’t say what I need without stuttering,” he said. But in this final result, he managed to express what he intends to do for his 67.7 million followers. “I’m going to take a break from social media for my mental health because I find Twitter and Instagram over-stimulate us, and I find myself caught in a news spiral when I read stuff about myself online and it’s been really bad for me lately. “

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“Please take the time to watch my video and if you feel so inclined, share it with anyone who might be interested — that would be great.” He then decides to indicate some institutions and charitable initiatives focused on mental health projects.

“I know there’s a terrible stigma around mental health. I know that seeking and asking for help isn’t something we should be ashamed of, but it’s a lot easier said than done.”

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At the end of the video, he states that he will disappear from social media and has not given a return deadline. He reinforces that it is an important time for him to delete apps from his cell phone, take a few steps back and move away from technologies to focus on taking care of his health.

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