Daughter of Juliano Cazarré is well after surgery: ‘Exams are very positive’


The daughter of actor Juliano Cazarré, Maria Guilhermina, underwent emergency surgery early this Sunday (14), performing a catheterization and placing a stent. In a post on Instagram, the actor said that the baby, who is just over a month old, is sedated, but is doing well.

Previously, at the beginning of the month, Guilhermina had already been discharged after being hospitalized. However, she had worsening oxygen saturation, and returned to the hospital in the early hours of Saturday.

“I brought the elders by car to São Paulo, so we could all spend Father’s Day together and Inácio’s birthday, which is today. But the good God, in his unfathomable designs, wanted things to happen differently”, wrote on Instagram.

“Maria Guilhermina had complications yesterday and ended up needing an emergency surgery this morning. The surgery was successful, thank God and the Beneficência Portuguesa team, especially Dr Rodrigo Freire. Guilhermina is fine, sedated, and the first exams are very positive,” said Cazarré.

The actor also made a request: “I humbly ask for the prayers of all of you, for Guilhermina’s recovery and for Leticia and I continue with strength and serenity to fight for her. Thank you. May God return so much charity from you to us. A happy day from parents to all!!! A Santo Domingo”.

Maria Guilhermina was born with Ebstein’s Anomaly, a rare congenital heart disease, and underwent surgery shortly after birth, on June 21. She was hospitalized until August 1st, when she was discharged and was able to go home with her parents.

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