Gloria Perez mourns the death of the baby interpreter of the soap opera ‘Barriga de Aluguel’


Screenwriter Gloria Perez, 73, and part of the cast of the soap opera “Barriga de Aluguel” (Globo, 1990) mourned the death of Bruno Moreira, 31, the baby interpreter who inspired the main plot of the feuilleton. Moreira was murdered while working as an app driver in a neighborhood in Rio de Janeiro.

“And this sad news arrives. Assault. Bruno didn’t react, and even then he was shot. Speechless,” wrote Perez on his Instagram. Humberto Martins also expressed regret in the comments on the publication. “My God… I had this boy on my lap so many times,” he said.

According to the newspaper O Globo, Moreira was in the Marechal Hermes neighborhood, in the north of Rio and was a victim of the crime on June 22. He died after being shot in the head. About a month later, the police identified a suspect and the Homicide Precinct came to the conclusion that Tiago da Silva Freitas Rosas was the murderer.

Other celebrities such as Mônica Iozzi, Claudia Mauro, Duda Nagle, Luciano Camargo, from the country duo with Zezé, Virginia Cavendish, the writer Edney Silvestre and Silvia Buarque paid tribute to Moreira’s family, also in the comments of the publication made by Perez.

In “Barriga de Aluguel”, Moreira played the newborn son of the characters Ana (Cássia Kiss) and Zaca (Victor Fasano). In the story, the child was generated in Clara’s (Claudia Abreu) ​​womb, since Ana could not have children.

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