When Diana sang in the car: William reveals her favorite song


Diana sang “with all her might” Tina Turner songs as she drove her sons to school: Prince William shares this precious family memory, as well as other very personal moments, in a mental health podcast.

In this recording he made for Apple, 39-year-old William, second in line to the British throne, says that he likes to start his week with the song “Thunderstruck” by the band AC / DC: “There is nothing better, the “Monday morning, when you’re a little dizzy from the weekend and trying to get back into the routine of the week.”

He described it as “a real family moment” when his mother, Princess Diana, sang “The Best” by American singer Tina Turner “with all her might” to soothe the atmosphere as she walked with him and Harry’s brother at their boarding school. The policeman who accompanied them many times also participated in the song.

As soon as they got out of school, “it was a return to reality,” William continued.

“Because when you get lost in the songs, you want to play them again, just to continue this family moment. And when I hear it now, (this piece) takes me back to these journeys by car and reminds me of many memories of my mother. “

Queen Elizabeth’s grandson explains that his three children inherited the same love for music, showing a particular preference for Shakira’s “Waka Waka”.

“Especially Charlotte runs to the kitchen, wearing her dress and her ballet stuff. “She goes crazy with Lewis, who follows her trying to do the same,” he says.

“And most mornings, a big quarrel breaks out between Charlotte and George about which song they will listen to.”

In this podcast, which can be listened to for free tomorrow and the proceeds of which will be donated to the prince’s charities, William also recounts that Princess Diana took him to a homeless shelter to show him ” the real world “,” outside the walls of the palace “.

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