Pastel shades are the next big thing in kitchen decoration for 2022


From the organization and the decoration, to the color that you will choose for your kitchen, every detail is important.

Whether you are cooking or not, you may spend a lot of time in your home kitchen, enjoying your coffee, your breakfast, or any other activity.

Therefore it is important to make this space in this way, to enjoy it as much as you can. From the organization and the decoration, to the color that you will choose for your kitchen, every detail is important.

But to decide on the decoration, you must first choose the color or the aesthetic details that you will move. So without a lot of money, you will easily renew your space. The next trend in interior design is pastels.

In fact, this is one of the biggest trends of 2022, according to experts at Herringbone Kitchens, with light pastel kitchens having already flooded Instagram.

Not only is choosing a pastel kitchen a great way to add a little more color to your home, but you can incorporate it in a variety of ways, even if you do not want to completely change the color.

Using simple colored tiles or even pastel appliances you can easily introduce these shades in a neutral space, without risking a completely different aesthetics.
Indeed, as Herringbone Kitchens owner William Durrant explains:

“This trend suits many kitchens with different aesthetics, from classic kitchens to minimal kitchens inspired by Scandinavian standards and more modern. This color palette allows a lot of experimentation with additional colors in places such as furniture, tiles and workbenches.

He goes on to add: “Bright and pastel colors are a great way to keep a space neutral, adding color with light elements making the space airy and welcoming that looks great in any light and weather.”

Pastel, but traditional

This sage green makes every kitchen dreamy. It is the perfect color choice for those who prefer a more traditional side, but still love the idea of ​​pastel aesthetics.

Bold and bright green

Bright green or mint pastel. This in itself is a very bold choice but it is the epitome of pastel ράς and joy. The contrast of the golden details and the colorful cups with the bright cupboards and the color of the wall is also ideal.

Both gray and pastel

If you want pastel, but you also want its safety more neutral, this light gray kitchen is a great compromise. The pink pastel tile gives the space extra color that highlights the cool tones in the cabinets.

Blue and bright

Bright, happy and optimistic. Pastel blue will make your space, no matter how small, look bigger and lighter. A unique detail is the contrast of the blue of the cabinets with the soft peach color of the door.

In pastel we trust then!

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