Reynaldo Gianecchini says that Marília Gabriela was a ‘delicious’ sexual partner


Reynaldo Gianecchini has always been known for his discretion, but the actor decided to open up a little more of his intimacy in a recent interview. He didn’t shy away from the subject when he was asked about his marriage to Marília Gabriela. The two met in 1998, during the World Cup in France, and remained together until 2006. He revealed that the presenter was a “delicious” sexual partner.

“When I was married to Marília, I had the cutest marriage you can imagine. I’ve never seen a marriage as nice as mine. I was married for almost nine years, in a relationship lived and thought of as a couple, with great pleasure and delicious, including sexually”, he said in an interview with “Flow Podcast”.

Gianecchini, 49, praised the presenter, calling her “fo ** in many ways” and recalled the first meeting with the journalist in a hotel. The actor swears that he had no plans to have a serious relationship with anyone. “At the time, I just thought: what a special moment. But I didn’t even think it would be a wedding, I thought I was a child and I thought she would never talk to me. And it turned out that that night, we stayed, already”, he said. .

The actor also spoke about an issue that is always linked to his name: sexuality: “I don’t mind talking about sexuality, but, in fact, there’s nothing else to talk about. I’ve said it a million times… But if you need to talk several times, maybe I hit the same thing. It’s an exercise for everyone to look at themselves. Stop looking at others”, explained Gianecchini.

“Life is much easier being white, straight and male… it’s going to take a little beating of life. But there was one time I thought it was interesting to break this little castle. What’s next if your soul is asking for something else? Because your being you are wanting to express yourself outside of these social conventions and what everyone expects of you”, added the actor.

For a long time, Reynaldo Gianecchini avoided talking about his sexuality, but in 2020, he denied during an interview that he was gay. The actor said he was pansexual to EFE. “They say I’m gay, but I don’t consider myself that way. I consider myself everything at the same time. If there’s a word for me, then it’s ‘pan’.

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