The Voice: Argyros VS Paparizou – “You will pass over my body to get it”


The third Battle of this season The Voice we watched yesterday and in a match, not only did we see a steal, but we also saw two coaches pulling out … knives, claiming in their teams, this 16-year-old.

Panos Mouzourakis had to make a very difficult choice. In the end, he chose Eliana Alexandrou and 16-year-old Natalia Osawarou stayed on stage in case there was a steal from someone else from the coaches.

Elena Paparizou was the first to make the move but in the end she was not alone, since Konstantinos Argyros also pressed the button and was ready to claim Natalia, who suddenly became the apple of contention. Konstantinos was not willing to leave any room for Elena and there was a dynamic confrontation with the following enjoyable dialogue.

Paparizou: Only I did not return to your blinds. Do you have to give me the opportunity?

Silver: You will pass over my body to pick her up νω I am waiting for Natalia to leave.

Paparizou: I, because I am not imposing, stand very humbly over here. I would like to hear my name from this chanting creature. This year The Voice of Greece will be won by Nigeria.

Silver: I believe in you unimaginably much. I do not know what to do to show it. I will do whatever you ask me.

Natalia finally gave a second chance to Elena Paparizou and went to her team.

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