Times: The ten best Greek islands for a peaceful holiday


He invites readers to prefer islands reminiscent of the magic of Greek mythology.

With a new list, the British Times they urge their readers to continue their holidays, avoid crowded places and prefer Greek islands that offer relaxing moments and remind the magic of Greek mythology.

The British newspaper directory places her Andros at the top for its authenticity, stunning nature, kind-hearted residents and trails. The list includes Folegandros for the sunsets, the Nisyro for the view of the volcano, the Syros for cultural pursuits and the Meganisi for peaceful getaways.

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The “ten list” of calm destinations is completed by Alonissos for wild nature, the Milos for the unique landscapes, h Patmos for its beautiful beaches and mysterious climate, the Fish hook for excursions, but also the Kythera for their idyllic surroundings.

“We have started a continuous and organized effort of extroversion, as Andros offers in the post-Covid era what the Greek but foreign traveler is looking for such as activities in nature, a mix of deserted and organized beaches and above all, authentic hospitality. After a satisfactory season, tourist flows continue in September as well,” states the Deputy Mayor of Tourism of the Municipality of Andros, Nikos Moustakas.

“The intense religiosity, the UNESCO world heritage sites together with the unparalleled natural beauty create a combination of experiences that do not leave travelers from Greece and abroad unmoved. Infrastructural projects, tourism actions and cultural initiatives enrich our narrative and help to boost visitorship,” points out mayor of Patmos, Lefteris Pentas.


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