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Repeating numbers: What it means if you see them often


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What numerology says about certain number combinations.

Quite often we notice in our daily life that they come before us repeating numbers, which seem like one continuous coincidence.

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At first we call it coincidence, but then along the way we begin to wonder why this is happening and what it might ultimately mean in our lives.

And this is where numerology comes in and decodes what certain numerical combinations might mean so we can be prepared.

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It is the number “of conception”, and it is an occasion to start something new in your life. It signals a change in your way of thinking or in the field in which you work and act, so if you are thinking of daring the change, do it now.


Known as symbols of balance, relationships and duality in the spiritual community, many twos point you to listen a little more to your intuition and turn to the people in your life who are consistent with it.


It is the number of healing so it is an occasion to heal physically and mentally in the way you need. Also, 3 is the number of divine power so it might be good to take into account any higher power and act as it says “within you”.


4 is known to represent stability, security and structure. If you consistently achieve 444 it is a sign that the physical things you have always wanted are available to you. Pin down the next steps for buying a home, starting a family, moving, or wherever else life takes you fearlessly.


It is the number of change and it is time to accept what is coming no matter how big it is. Changes are almost always good, and when they are expansive, all you have to do is embrace them and adapt them to your own needs.


It symbolizes karma and ‘yin and yang’. If you are in a period of readjustment and rebalancing of your inner world or your life, seeing these numbers know that everything will fall into place soon.


To see the 7 repeatedly in front of you means that you have to listen to the bell that is ringing about your relationship with yourself and how you see it. Your productivity is about to take off and it’s good to work more with yourself, for yourself, because this is your moment.


Seeing the 8, the universe reminds you of your life’s purpose and that it is the right time to redefine what you will do with your life and how you will spend your time. When you achieve this you will have overcome the stage of self awareness.


When you again achieve 9 on a frequent basis, it symbolizes celebration and recognition. Whether you’ve finished your studies, passed your exams, got your driver’s license or moved into your dream home, it’s a good time to celebrate and enjoy the moment and where you’ve come in your life so far. It is a stage in which we process our lives and evolve into a better side of ourselves.


You may see this combination at first as a cumulative 20, but it is better to see it from another perspective and treat it as an opportunity for a new beginning. “Think out of the box”, get out of your comfort zone and make a new start now, in a new job, the hobby you always wanted or anything you left behind for another time.


It symbolizes absolute innovation and is the right phase of your life to improve every aspect of it, to clear up and raise both the quantity and the quality in your every activity, as well as in your relationships, friendly or romantic.


Finally, 1212 and every combination of it is the sign that you have to find the balance between what you do for yourself, and the third parties. If you are in a situation where you don’t know what you want, how you want it and what to do to combine every aspect of your life, the 12 symbolizes this rearrangement and the search for your life’s goals, always in combination with the people around you.

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