Lula’s refusal to debate on SBT leads to criticism and memes on social networks


The refusal of former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT) to attend the SBT debate, scheduled for Saturday (24), drew criticism and memes on social media, this Tuesday (20). The PT made the decision after a meeting with coordinators of his campaign, but will participate in the Ratinho program.

On Twitter, netizens wrote that Lula took it to Silvio Santos. “If Uncle Silvio Santos hires Bonner, Lula will jet off to the debate,” posted a user on the social network. Another joked with Carnê do Baú when referring to the PT candidate. “As Silvio Santos used to say, if you’re not strictly up to date with the monthly fees, the card wins.”

A network user published a meme with a photo of Silvio Santos and made a pun on Lula’s job as a mechanic when he worked at an automaker in Grande ABC. “Lula will not attend the SBT debate because she is afraid of Silvio Santos turning the top.

But there were those who defended the PT candidate saying that he should not step on the SBT. A meme shared on the social network shows a woman with a scarf on her head and a bible in her hand saying that President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) will lose the election. “Legend that kicks doesn’t step on a fascistic bolsominios station like Silvio Santos and his rotten family”, says the caption of the meme.

One person defended Lula by saying that after the attack by Communications Minister Fábio Farias, son-in-law of Silvio Santos, the Ipec poll found the PT’s decision not to participate in the debate correct. “I wanted the former president to give up going to the [programa do] Little mouse.”

Farias was also criticized by another user of the social network for criticizing the Ipec research and saying that the institute needs to be closed. “The pissed off guy next year will have to present Roda a Roda Jequiti and hope Silvio Santos doesn’t keep changing the program schedule,” he wrote. “Now Silvio Santos’ son-in-law is trying to close the research institutes. What sick people”, posted an internet user.

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