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The zodiac signs today, Thursday, September 22


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Today’s astrological predictions.


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A new person will come into your life, those of you who are single, and bring sunshine into your heart. Anxieties and loneliness will be a thing of the past for you. Pay attention to your diet! Relax and do things that will improve your appearance. But also settle pending matters


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Watch out for your partners. The planets will bring to the fore quarrels and slanders going on behind your back. Do not give reason for comments! Don’t be headstrong and listen to the advice that people who love you give you on professional matters. They will help you reach very high.


Live in the moment and distance yourself from your unfortunate past that haunts you and doesn’t let you live and be happy. Finally cut the umbilical cord! You are surrounded by a lot of love but you don’t see it. The stars favor social escapades. You will have changes in your relationships. Happiness is knocking at your door


You must decide that you are the one who charts the course of your life and not allow those around you to derail you. You should react strongly to those who throw down the gauntlet to you, to defend your professional interests, but also set clear limits to those who are inclined to question you.


Without a second thought, you attribute any problems that arise to the responsibility of others. Today you will have to exercise your self-criticism and see your own mistakes and your own share of responsibility… Nothing is given in life and today you will once again get a taste. You will be informed about something that you will not be able to believe…


Today is a day that favors action, from visions to action. But you should be firm in your goals and not give up trying with the first problems. Try not to disappoint loved ones who may need your support. It would be extremely unfair to them, since they also stood up for you.


Day to reflect on where you are going and what you are trying to achieve in your life. Have you strayed from your path? Re-chart your course, on a more realistic basis. If you get involved in arguments with a partner or colleague today, you should count on significant losses. An engagement is not in your favor, so handle situations with diplomacy.


You have a lot of positive energy and zest for life today and you seem to have finally put all those unpleasant thoughts behind you that have been plaguing you. You are on the right track but you are still at the beginning of your efforts. The positive is that success awaits you at the end of the journey. Enjoy beautiful moments with loved ones.


You will receive an important life lesson today from a person in your work environment. Support anyone who needs your help and put your knowledge and experience at the service of the general interest. You feel hurt emotionally by your romantic partner and build walls around yourself to protect yourself. However, this will not get you out of trouble. Invest in an honest conversation…


Your influence on your professional environment is strong. Your opinions will be valued and heard and you will be greatly stimulated. But you seem realistic in the goals you set. You want to finish your affairs at the moment, but now that something new is starting, you should move carefully so as not to make mistakes that you will find in front of you


Learn from past mistakes and invest in teamwork if you want what you’re doing to pay off. Through team effort success will come. Take care of yourself, your diet and your rest. Just be careful about drinking alcohol if you decide to go out at night.


There is a suspicion of a new beginning in the air today. It could be a new partnership, an upcoming career change, or even a major change in your personal life, such as a new relationship or marriage. Maintain balance between personal and professional life while taking care of your fitness and health.

By Alinda Kanaki

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