The six items that should not be stored in the bathroom

The six items that should not be stored in the bathroom

There’s a reason you need to store them somewhere else.

The bathroom it is one of the rooms in every house, where one often meets several people storage areas, such as shelves or cupboards, however this room is not ideal for storing certain items.

Here is a list of items that are often found in the bathroom, but normally these things should not be stored there there is a reason.

Now that it’s autumn and many are tidying up the house for winter by doing… general cleaning, it’s an opportunity to remove the following things from your bathroom and find another storage space for them.

  • Razors: A razor blade can rust and think how dangerous that is if you get cut.
  • Fragrances: Your expensive perfume can oxidize faster due to humidity and lose its intensity.
  • Medicines: The humidity and high temperature that develops in the bathroom can alter the medicines and affect their effect.
  • Makeup Brushes/ Hair Brushes: The conditions that prevail in the bathroom accelerate the growth of microbes on your brushes and brushes.
  • Electrical devices: Remove them because apart from the ever-present risk of electric shock, the electrical devices themselves often suffer damage due to moisture. Of course, this does not apply if it is about devices intended for use in the bathroom.
  • Nail polish: By storing them in the bathroom, they may dry out and become more “sticky” due to the humidity.

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