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“Glycanisos”: Every Friday and Saturday at 21:00 with double episodes! – Watch the trailer


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The aromatic “Glycanisos” gives a new date with its viewers

The perfumer “Anise” makes a new appointment with SKAI viewers, every Friday and Saturday at 21.00 with double episodes.

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Tonight at 21.00, we will remember how the story of “Glycaniso” began in the 1st episode, when Mytilinios Stratis (G. Papageorgiou), after two dramatic events, decides to leave his wife Eleana (E. Dimitropoulos) in Athens and return to Lesbos, on the island where his family comes from and lives permanently. At the same time, in Mytilini, the Syrian refugee, Razan (E. Pieridou), after a tragic loss, tries to get back on her feet. An attack against Stratis and the saving intervention of Razan’s fiance, Karim (H. Kontogiorgis) is the beginning: the love between Stratis and Razan begins and will be absolute but also full of difficulties.

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In the 2nd episode, Stratis is taken to the hospital, while Razan and Karim are taken to the ward. While Stratis is being operated on, he calls out a woman’s name, which is not his wife’s. At the same time, Eleana is informed about the stabbing of Stratis by phone, from the Demiris family. Next to her is a mysterious man. And while Razan still hasn’t had time to deal with the loss of the child and the incident of the previous day, she returns to her work, at the “Chrysanthi Tavern”. But there, some will not fail to show their racist instincts. The Police suspect Razan and Karim of the stabbing.

Starring: George Papageorgiou (Soldier), Elena Pieridou (Razan), Costas Koklas (Philip), Tania Trypi (Hermione), Costas Apostolakis (Menelaus), Eugenia Dimitropoulou (Eleana), Emilianos Stamatakis (Hector), Evri Sofroniadou (Fatime), Christos Kontogiorgis (Karim), Rafika Souis (Fazia), Vassilis Athanasopoulos (Angelos), Haris Asimakopoulos (Eustratiou), Andreas Kontopoulos (Thanasis), Mary Khinari (Stathoula), Antonis Giannakos (Raphael), Billio Marneli (Aliki), Athena Alexopoulou (Chrysanthi ), Nikos Kasapis (Michalis), Ioulis Georgakopoulou (Anastasia), Vangelis Stratigakos (Nefzat), Fotis Karalis (Nikitas), Artemis Ioannidou (Anthi), Dimitris Apostolopoulos (Paul), Konstantinos Moutaftsis (Billy), Thalassini Vostanzoglou (Margarita), Kostas Zografopoulos (Theodoros), Tasos Karlis (Haris)

In the role of Ariadne, Carmen Ruggeri
In the role of Paris Triantafyllos, Theo Alexander

Scenario: George Kyritsis
Direction: Stavros Potamaris
Directors: Stavros Potamaris, Kostas Voulgaris
Based on an idea by: Rosy Riga
Script Team: Lilian Dimitrakopoulou, Maro Kakavela, Tatiana Garabetian, Dionysis Georganos
Original Music: Christos Papadopoulos
Production Design: Michalis Samiotis
Costume Designer: Maria Kontodima
Casting Director: Ready2cast, Sofia Dimopoulou, Frangiskos Xidianos
Montage: Christos Markakis
Photo Address: Savvas Chrysostomou, Dimitris Logothetis
Producers: Dionysis Samiotis, Katrianna Pantelis
Production: Tanweer Productions


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