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How to get gorgeous wavy hair like Cindy Crawford


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You don’t need to go to the salon if you follow these four instructions

When you think about it ideal hairstyle for medium to long length hair, you immediately imagine light wavy hair with volume and shine, and automatically we have images of many celebrities who have adopted it and taken it off time and time again.

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But the one who established it as a statement hairstyle and undoubtedly deserves the first place is Cindy Crawford and her ’90s inspired shiny hair.

So while we usually all think that we can get this hair only with a visit to a hairdresser or only if we leave it in the hands of an expert in general, we came to make a change and gathered tips from experts in the field so that you too can achieve waves hair a la Cindy Crawford.

#1. Washing 1-2 times a week

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Of course this depends on the type of hair and the amount of oiliness the head displays, however experts suggest that frequent washing weakens the hair and makes it dull and dull, while the natural oil produced by our skin on the head nourishes it and makes them shiny and healthy.

#2. Do styling to keep them for more days

If you are also lucky and your freshly washed hair has natural light waves you can keep it, and around the second to third day when the hair starts to “sit down”, stimulate its volume and style with some curling scissors or a hair dryer and the appropriate brush.

#3. Pay attention to the hairstyle

When detangling, brush gently and lovingly, paying particular attention to the ends which are more sensitive and tend to shear and fray. Comb them often and thoroughly to keep them smooth and untangled to look shiny and healthy at all times.

#4. Take care of the skin on your head but the ends of your hair

Moisturizing the scalp with the right shampoo and maybe some mask intended for this area as well as a nourishing oil for the ends are essential for the overall good image of your hair.

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