Tadeu Schmidt visits works at BBB 22 and Boninho jokes: ‘Owner of the house’

Tadeu Schmidt visits works at BBB 22 and Boninho jokes: ‘Owner of the house’

The new BBB presenter, journalist Tadeu Schmidt, 47, was accompanying the renovation of the house that will house the confined of the 22nd edition of Globo’s reality show. In a video, it is possible to see Tiago Leifert’s replacement alongside Boninho and Rodrigo Dourado, who is also responsible for directing the program.

“Look who came to visit the house’s work. Tadeu is ready to work,” said Boninho in the shared record this Wednesday (8). They recorded the video in front of a sign indicating the entrance to the BBB’s house, which is usually renovated for new editions.

“We’re taking care of everything! But we stopped to receive the owner of the house with our director Rodrigo Dourado”, wrote the reality director, also, in the publication’s caption. Then Dourado appears and calls the two of them to work on the house.

On his Instagram profile, Schmidt posted the same video and wrote in the caption: “Bora Boninho, bora Dourado! Bora!”. In the comments, fans and netizens wished the journalist good luck in his new work.

At the end of October, Globo announced that BBB 22 will debut on January 22, 2022. The 22nd season marks the debut of Tadeu Schmidt as reality presenter and brings news in the most watched house in Brazil.

At BBB 22, participants will be able, before the leader’s party, to buy additional items with their stakes to make the celebration even more fueled. In addition, at the leader’s cinema, the public will be able to watch the same film shown to the participants at home. It will be broadcast in Session Cinema do Líder, on Tuesday nights, on TV Globo.

The reality show will keep the two groups, Camarote and Pipoca, joining the famous and anonymous in confinement. And in the program, the competitions for the leader, fightback and immunity, parties, discord games, lunches, among others, continue.

Rafael Portugal’s mood board was so successful in the last edition that it will be maintained this season. He continues to give a really fun summary of what happened during the week.

On Multishow, the BBB Warm Up will bring the best moments of BBB 21 even before the program starts with 16 episodes with interviews with former participants. There will also be a tradition of receiving the elimination of the week for a sincere and entertaining interview with BBB – The Elimination.


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