Tsipras for Kapoutzidis: State marriage is the political marriage for everyone in the next government


“In the next government, political marriage for all will become the law of the state”, Alexis Tsipras pledged via Twitter, commenting on the questions he asked, to the Prime Minister George Kapoutzidis during his speech at the event “Society without Racism, Society with a Future” for combating discrimination based on sexual orientation – identity and gender expression of the Ministry of Justice. |

“George Kapoutzidis is right. No citizen should have fewer rights. The first important steps were taken with the cohabitation agreement and gender identity. It is now ripe to be completed. In the next government, the civil marriage for everyone will become the law of the state “, the president of SYRIZA PS typically states in his post, sharing a video with an excerpt of the speech of the popular actor.

It is recalled that, at the event, the actor and screenwriter among other things said: “I want to ask a question to the Prime Minister of this country and it has nothing to do with factions. Why am I the person with the least rights in this room, in my neighborhood, in my city. I do not understand that. If he can answer me he is fine, if he does not have an answer, he is going to say that he and his predecessor and the predecessors of the predecessors and the society and the state have done something wrong. And we have to change that mistake now, today. ”

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