Accused of racism, Luísa Sonza postpones tour for not being able to focus on the project and says: ‘Without a head’


Luísa Sonza decided to send a message to fans after she disappeared from social media and even postponed the tour debut, “O Conto dos Dois Mundos”, which she presented firsthand at Rock in Rio, earlier this month. The singer admitted that she is shaken by the racism process that the lawyer Isabel Macedo brings against her.

“I’m missing from here, because I’m solving the whole case with Isabel. I’m looking for the best way to solve this in the most correct, right way possible, according to all my ideals”, Luísa began, guaranteeing that she will appear again to apologize with the public once their legal situation is resolved.

In addition to explaining her departure from the networks, Luísa, 24, also spoke of the tour that would start on October 1st and was postponed to November 19th. The singer stated that she made the decision because she was unable to focus on the project.

“I chose to postpone the launch of the ‘The Tale of Two Worlds’ tour because I didn’t get to rehearse, nor do I have the head for it right now. Headless. I don’t think it’s time for me to do something that’s going to be the biggest project of my life. “, he commented to soon conclude: “The tour was postponed, it was not cancelled”.

Isabel Macedo sues Sonza for racism and asks for R$ 10 thousand for moral damages. The lawsuit was filed in 2018, but became public in 2020. According to the lawyer, Luísa confused her with an employee of an inn in Fernando de Noronha, where the two were staying. The singer asked for water and even belittled the woman for not having her request answered.

At the time, Luísa Sonza denied the accusations. “Guys, this is all a lie! Don’t believe it! I would never have that kind of attitude. You know me well, you know my character, my nature. I would never offend another person because of the color of their skin. Never! accusation is absurd,” he snapped.

A week ago, Luísa admitted the mistake, but was accused by some netizens who did not apologize for the case of racism. She also promised that she will do “the right thing” once the case is resolved. “I really want to do the right thing and that is in line with what I’ve always believed and what I’ve always said, I will continue to be an ally and now in an even more serious way. […] But, I’ll come back here to talk about it, okay?”, concluded the singer.

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