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With the film “Magnetic Fields” Greece is going to the Oscars


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The Committee met in a meeting and after a thorough discussion, proposed by majority the “Magnetic Fields” by the director Giorgos Gousis

The fiction film “Magnetic Fields” by director Giorgos Gousis, was chosen to represent Greece at the 95th OSCAR Awards in order to claim the International Feature Film Award. Greece’s official nomination for the OSCAR International Feature Film Award (formerly the Foreign Language Film Award), in the context of the 95th edition of the American Film Academy, was chosen by a seven-member committee, which was formed exclusively for this purpose.

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The Committee convened in a meeting and after a thorough discussion, it proposed “Magnetic Fields” by a majority, as it considered that it is a film that speaks directly to the viewer, while it can stand up to an international audience, since it deals with a universal issue , that of the existential crisis. The Deputy Minister of Culture and Sports, responsible for issues of Contemporary Culture, Nikolas Giatromanolakis, accepted the Commission’s opinion and issued the relevant decision.

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The Ministry of Culture and Sports will ensure the timely completion of the procedures for the representation of Greece at the 95th edition of the OSCAR Awards, in accordance with the regulations of the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

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