Felipe Neto cries when talking about Dilma and calls Bolsonaro a murderer


Youtuber Felipe Neto, 34, got emotional when talking about his meeting with former president Dilma Rousseff, 74, last Sunday (25). In a live broadcast on his YouTube channel, he stated that “Dilma is an incredible human being”, and said he was touched to have been forgiven by her. Neto was teary-eyed and, at one point, it seems that he is crying.

He said that, during a speech by the presidential candidate for the Workers’ Party (PT), Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, he felt like drinking coffee, but felt ashamed to get up and get a cup. Then, Dilma would have realized that he wanted a cup of coffee and handed it to the influencer.

“She said, ‘I want to do this as a gesture to you.’ And she took her coffee and gave it to me. I know it sounds silly, but there, at that moment, a person I did so badly to, and who I was so stupid to have done everything I did. And she did it with so much affection, with nothing. She has nothing to gain from my support, she’s not a candidate. It was kindness for kindness. That was very beautiful for me. “

In his Twitter profile, Neto had already commented on the meeting and stated that he apologized to the former president for having supported the impeachment in 2017. “I feel very happy that my parents raised me so that I could not be proud at the time. to ask for forgiveness”, he added in the live.

“All the strength I can give, all the energy I can put into it, for us to be able to take down this murderer who is in power at this moment, I will use”, he concluded. One of Brazil’s biggest influencers, he declared in August his vote for Lula in the 1st round.

Dilma responded in the comments of a profile that retweeted Neto’s video, tagging the youtuber: “I’m also happy for you. Life teaches us. A big kiss”, wrote the former president.

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