Power Pass: Crediting of electricity allowance money to beneficiaries’ accounts has started


The above credit also includes payment balances for accounts for the period from December 1, 2021 to May 31, 2022, after cross-checking the data.

A total amount of 31.6 million euros was credited today to 866,181 beneficiaries of the Power Pass, i.e. the extraordinary financial support from the state budget to cover part of the increase in the cost of electricity consumption in domestic electricity bills issued in June of 2022.

The above credit also includes payment balances for accounts for the period from December 1, 2021 to May 31, 2022, after cross-checking the data.

The aforementioned amount was transferred until yesterday by the Ministry of Finance to the Ministry of Digital Governance and was credited today by the “Information Society (KtP M.A.E)” to the accounts of the beneficiaries.

After today’s payment, the total expenditure from the state budget to cover part of the increase in the cost of electricity consumption in electricity bills of domestic domestic consumers issued in the period 1.12.2021 to 30.6.2022 amounts to 295.6 million euros .

What is Power Pass?

Power Pass is a platform for the financial support of household consumers’ electricity bills and was published in the Official Gazette Issue B 2827/06.06.2022. The subsidy concerns the electricity bills of a first home or student accommodation in Greece, issued during the period from 01-12-2021 to 31-05-2022 and, depending on the amount of the bills, it can reach up to the amount of 600 €.

Am I entitled to a Power Pass?

You are eligible for Power Pass if:

you are a tax resident of Greece, your net family income after taxes does not exceed €45,000, based on the declared incomes of the tax year 2020, and
the VAT number you register on the platform has not already been declared as a dependent member in an application submitted by another person.

Legal entities are NOT beneficiaries of the Power Pass.

Can guests apply?

No, guests are not eligible to apply.

How do I apply?

The application is submitted at vouchers.gov.gr/powerpass.

What is the process;

The operation of the platform is very simple. Analytically:

You enter the platform with your Taxisnet passwords and confirm that your information (name, tax number, year of birth) displayed is correct.

You choose whether you wish to apply for yourself or for a protected member of your family.

The main residence details per month (address and service number) are displayed on the screen. You can: either confirm them or modify them through the Main Residence Declaration platform for Powerpass (here), which has been implemented by AADE (more details in the relevant question).

On the same page, the fields to fill in your mobile number, e-mail, IBAN and the name of the banking institution where your bank account is kept, in which you must necessarily be a beneficiary or co-beneficiary, appear. If you don’t have one, you can use a third party mobile and email, in which you will receive the respective notifications.
By clicking “Submit”, you complete the application submission process.

Who can apply for Power Pass?

The Power Pass can be applied for by any person who declares that a provision number corresponds to their main residence. Thus, the whole procedure can be done by one of the spouses, without the need for a joint or double application by both persons. For declarations concerning the first residence of dependent members (more details in the relevant question), the procedure must be done by the person listed as guardian.

The provision number is in another person’s name. What should I do;

As long as the supply number is declared in your main residence details on Taxisnet, it does not matter what name the supply number is charged to in the electricity provider’s records.

What information do I need to have available to complete the process?

You need to have your Taxisnet passwords for your authentication when entering the platform and the IBAN of the account to which you wish to credit the subsidy.

Do I need to attach any supporting documents?

No. All data are automatically retrieved through the Interoperability Center of the General Secretariat of Public Administration Information Systems.

The details of my main residence shown on the platform do not correspond to reality. What should I do;

In this case, you will need to go here via the Power Pass platform by clicking on the relevant field that appears under your primary residence details. The details you will declare on the Main Residence Declaration platform for Powerpass are registered immediately. So, fill in the correct primary residence details, you can return to the Power Pass platform and complete your application.

My child studies in another city. Is it entitled to a separate Power Pass?

Yes, as long as it is declared as a protected member. In this case, you can submit up to three additional applications for protected members, each time following the steps above.

I am filing for the first time in tax year 2021. Am I eligible for Power Pass?

Yes, as long as you submit your declaration before applying for the Power Pass. In this case, the net family income after taxes of the tax year 2021 will be taken into account.

When does the platform open and until when can I apply?

The platform opened on Friday 17-06-2022 and will remain open until July 5. During the first days of its operation, it will gradually open for beneficiaries, depending on the last digit of their VAT number. The platform will be gradually opened for all beneficiaries, who will be updated with new announcements.

Can I apply to KEPs?

At least for the first year, Power Pass applications are submitted digitally only.

How much am I going to get through Power Pass?

The amount you receive depends on the amount of bills for the period covered by the Power Pass. The amounts of the subsidy will range from €18 to €600 and will be calculated at 60% of the amount obtained by subtracting from the adjustment clause the bill and the amount of any discounts.

Can the same IBAN be used in two different applications?

Yes, it is sufficient that the person who makes the request each time is a beneficiary or co-beneficiary of the account.

How will I be informed that/if the application has been approved?

You will receive an automated notification to the email account you provided during your application.

When will the funds be credited to my account?

The liquidation of the applications, the determination of the refund amount and its payment to the beneficiaries will take place during the first ten days of July.

What do the application stage designations mean?

SUBMISSION PENDING: the user has not pressed “submit application”.
REJECTED: the application has been rejected. If you navigate to the application page, you will see more information at the top (e.g. impossibility of cross-referencing the TIN as beneficiary/co-beneficiary with the declared IVAN). Rejected applications can be changed and resubmitted.
UNDER CHECK: the application has been submitted and is in the process of checking followers.
– if the TIN is a beneficiary / co-beneficiary in the declared IBAN.
– if the applicant has not exceeded one (1) application for himself and his/her spouse and has not exceeded three (3) for protected members.
UNDER CLEARING: for applications in this status, the checks for the IVAN/TIN have been completed, and no additional actions are required from the citizen. After the completion of the Application Period (July 1, 2022) cross-checks will be performed with the account details provided by the providers, in order to make the settlement and calculate the subsidy amount.
TO BE SENT TO THE BANKING INSTITUTION: the refund amount (for payment, via DIAS) will be sent to the selected Financial Institution.
TO BE PROCESSED BY BANK: the order for the refund amount has been sent to the selected Financial Institution via DIAS and we are waiting for the bank to make the payment.
APPROVED: we have received a response from the selected Financial Institution that they have successfully made the payment. The beneficiary can check his/her account.

Where can I contact for questions or clarifications about the operation of the platform?

For any questions or clarifications you can contact 210 7000810

Working days: Monday – Friday 9:00 – 17:00

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