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Luana Piovani says she is in menopause: ‘Taking my little testosterone’


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At 46 years old, actress Luana Piovani has no problem talking about her age and that she is in menopause. This Wednesday (28), she shared a video on social networks talking about the end of the reproductive phase of women and its effects on the body, such as heat attacks.

“I’m in menopause, which has a great advantage, we don’t have to wear diapers anymore [absorvente] every month, but it has annoying consequences. I’m going through those hot flashes right now,” the actress explained.

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She said that she is taking medication because it is not possible to do soap operas in the European summer – she lives and works in Portugal – with silk shirts having heat attacks. “I’m taking my ‘little testosterone’ to help me and it’s really softening,” she said.

Inspired by actresses Naomi Watts, 54, and Michelle Pfeiffer, 64, who talk about menopause on social media, Piovani decided to approach the topic with her followers and asked them to share stories for her to share on social media.

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“It’s okay that they [Watts e Pfeiffer] they have 10, almost 15 years ahead of me, but because of their posts I decided to approach this topic with a different face, another outfit”, she said. “I don’t want to go through this alone. Let’s divide to multiply,” he wrote in the video’s caption.

Anonymous and famous commented on Piovani’s post. Actress Sheila Mello said she hasn’t reached menopause yet, but praised the video. “I’m very happy to see many women sharing and bringing this speech that in past generations was veiled.”

Actress Helena Fernandes said that she went through menopause two years ago and the beginning was difficult with anxiety, irritability, discouragement and difficulty sleeping. “Now with the right treatment, life seems to have returned to normal, but we also know that everything changes suddenly, just stay tuned for the signs. Let’s change!”

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