After Jade Picon, Eliezer asks for special permission to act in a series


Jade Picon, 21, is attending school. The former BBB and influencer caused controversy when she was hired for a role in the soap opera “Travessia” (Globo) without having a professional record as an actress. To do this, she needed a special authorization from Sated-RJ (Sindicato dos Artistas e Técnicos em Estáculos de Diesões do Estado do Rio de Janeiro).

Now, another participant in the 22nd edition of Big Brother Brasil (also from Globo) is seeking the same type of permission. This is the designer Eliezer Netto, 32, from Rio de Janeiro, who received an invitation to participate in the second season of the sitcom “A Sogra Que Te Pariu” (Netflix).

Starring Rodrigo Sant’Anna, 41, the series was created by the comedian, who also signs as producer. The union’s president, Hugo Gross, spoke with him to understand the need to cast a “non-actor”.

The entity claims that the authorization request was made only after the disclosure that the former BBB would participate, which is not the correct procedure. However, the tendency is for permission to be given, since it is a small role.

The union reminds, however, that this type of authorization is specific to a particular job and does not serve as material for entering the professional register. It is the same case of Jade Picon, who will not be able to use her work in Globo’s 21h soap opera to try to professionalize herself as an actress.

For this, in the state of Rio de Janeiro, both Jade and Eliezer would need to prove works with speeches in the last 3 consecutive years to receive a provisional registration. In the case of definitive registration, the requirement would increase to 5 years. The other option would be to take a vocational course.

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