Trafficking of migrants from Turkey to Greece via Evros: The route they follow – Watch video

Trafficking of migrants from Turkey to Greece via Evros: The route they follow – Watch video

Minors stowed in the trunk – Tariff up to 6,000 euros per head

A 41-year-old foreigner was arrested as part of the spontaneous procedure, yesterday (28/9) in the context of a coordinated operation of the Immigration Management Department of the Directorate of Aliens of Attica that took place in the area of ​​Nea Chalkidona, for facilitating entry from Greek territory for profit, transporting and facilitating foreigners to interior and securing accommodation for continued concealment.

Also, a total of ten foreigners (seven adults and three minors) were arrested, who lacked documents, and their promotion to Greece was allegedly carried out by the ring in question. After registering them, they were taken to a specially designed area, for the stay of families and minor immigrants, of the Directorate of Aliens of Attica.

How did they act?

In the context of the investigation of information by the above service regarding the activity of the ring, the above key member of an international ring was identified and located, who undertook the organization of illegal migrations of immigrants from Turkey to Greece.

In particular, the 41-year-old was caught transporting (7) immigrants with his company car, including (3) minors. It is noteworthy that (2) minors were found piled in the luggage compartment of the vehicle.

Regarding the way the ring operated, the illegal traffic was carried out in stages, with intermediate stages and a final destination in Athens. Subsequently, they organized secondary movements of immigrants destined for Germany.

4,000 – 6,000 per head

The traffickers charged the migrants being promoted sums of money ranging from -4,000- to -6,000- euros per person. The immigrants paid – “secured” the agreed amount of money to an illegal transaction office using the “HAWAL A” method, located in Istanbul.

The route

With the money secured, the migrants were transported by road from Istanbul, to Adrianople and then to a wooded area of ​​Turkey, near the border with Greece.

The ring then trafficked the migrants in small groups in inflatable boats across the Evros River into Greek territory. The migrants hid in a wooded area for one to two days, where the traffickers picked them up in different vehicles and took them to an apartment in the area of ​​Thessaloniki.

Upon the arrival of the immigrants in the above apartment, the traffickers videotaped them and used the video as evidence for the “insurance” and payment of part of the agreed money.

In the apartment of Thessaloniki, the immigrants stayed one or two days until their gradual further promotion to Athens.

The stage of their promotion in Athens was allegedly undertaken exclusively by the 41-year-old foreigner, who used his own car to transport the immigrants.

Shortly before arriving in Athens, he videotaped the migrants and sent the video to his accomplices in Turkey, so that they would be “unsecured” and paid according to the “HAWALA” method and the rest of the money.

As emerged from the investigation, in the last five days the ring has allegedly trafficked at least (25) immigrants from Turkey to Greece.

From an investigation carried out in a house in the area of ​​Patisia, which was used by the ring to hide the immigrants in Athens, additional (3) foreigners who lacked documents were found.

The arrested person, with the file filed against him, was taken to the Criminal Prosecutor of Athens.

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