Roberto Justus says that electing Lula would be ‘return to a dark and complex past’


For businessman Roberto Justus, 67, electing former president Luis Inácio Lula da Silva (PT) in the 2022 elections would be a “fearful and worrying” return to the past. “I much prefer the continuity of the president,” he said, in an interview with F5.

Despite not finding the “healthy polarization for our country”, Justus cannot “see well the return to the past, a dark and complex past”. He claims to dream that the country “didn’t even have the extreme right and extreme left. Being in the center would be perhaps the best.”

The presenter also says that, even though he is not completely satisfied with Jair Bolsonaro (PL), he sees that the current president “is changing his style a lot”. As a businessman, he says he likes what is happening today and cites advances in the Brazilian economy.

“Despite the pandemic, war in Ukraine and everything that is happening, Brazil is in a good economic moment”, he adds. “My vote goes to continuity, another four years of Paulo Guedes to fix Brazil once and for all.”

He met Lula at a dinner for businessmen this Wednesday (28), and also clarified on his social networks that he does not support the PT candidate in these elections. Justus says that if the former president is elected, he will “democratically accept the people’s decision”.

“Lula is an intelligent person, and if we have to have him as president, may he be able to maintain the many achievements that were great now, and improve other things, such as international relations. Lula could improve.”

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