Bruna Marquezine is criticized by bolsonaristas for making the L: ‘I trust Neymar’


Actress Bruna Marquezine, 27, received criticism from voters of reelection candidate Jair Bolsonaro (PL) on social media. The artist declared that she will vote for Luís Inácio Lula da Silva (PT), by participating in a support video full of celebrities with the slogan “turns a vote”. In addition, a video in which she makes the letter L with her hand also went viral on the networks.

“People with no future are like that. Money is good, but wisdom/knowledge is much more valuable!”, wrote one, in response to a photo of the video in which Marquezine makes the letter L by hand. “Bruna on the wrong side,” said another, in response to a tweet that compared photos of the actress and Neymar Jr., 30.

The soccer player and ex-boyfriend of the artist declared his support for Bolsonaro on Thursday afternoon (29). “I trust Neymar more,” said a third. “Beauty is not synonymous with intelligence, now I understand why Neymar didn’t want her anymore,” wrote yet another.

After the athlete declared his vote, netizens recalled that the two were already in opposing crowds for the wall at BBB 20. Neymar expressed his support for Felipe Prior on social networks. While Bruna, a personal friend of Manu Gavassi, the actress asked for votes for the singer to remain in the game.

Others still opined that the end of the Brumar couple was due to opposing political positions. “I bet that one of the biggest reasons for the end of Brumar was the fact that he was a bolsonarista, no one in their right mind can handle a bolsonarista tropeira as a partner”, commented an internet user.

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