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Three rules that every fashion expert follows


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Every day we are bombarded from many fronts with endless fashion and beauty trends, which flood social media like TikTok and Instagram

Most girls of various ages spontaneously decide to follow them blindly and try to adopt them, not always successfully in the end.

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But this is exhausting and not consistent with the average budget that each of us has – unless you have the comfort of Chiara Ferragni. For this reason, we have gathered for you 3 style rules that every fashion expert follows, because it is quite important and good to have a -relatively- stable style with room for adjustments, so that you can build and invest in it without going bankrupt.

#1. Not all trends are suitable for everyone

Fashion is meant to be fun and work for everyone’s individual style, so if you don’t identify with a trend or feel good about it, that’s OK! No one is going to tell you that you absolutely have to buy a pair of flats for this season if you don’t want to, and if you want to keep wearing something that was trendy five years ago, wear it for as long as it makes you feel good.

#2. The purpose of fashion is to feel better and to express ourselves freely

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So much has changed in the last two and a half years and it should be clear that fashion is no exception to what the pandemic has affected. From where we liked the most uncomfortable clothes and shoes, which made us look like tall celebrities, we suddenly turned to athleisure sets and stylish sneakers, because these were the ones that made us feel beautiful and comfortable on the sofa at home or walking the legs.

So whatever makes us feel uncomfortable or uncomfortable, we simply replace it with something comfortable and convenient.

#3. It’s okay if you change your mind

Fashion goes in cycles – since styles change about every 20 years – so it’s perfectly normal to change your mind about an outfit or trend over the years. Everything that comes back in fashion, comes back with some different touches or details related to modern style, and that doesn’t make it bad to like it this season, while 10 years ago you hated it.

Plus, with fashion moving forward and evolving, we’re also going for it and it’s great to refresh our style and try something new that can turn out to be successful and very creative.

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