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Love Island: Alexander’s decision created the first… romance! – Watch videos


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The Islanders’ villa caught fire only on the second day.

Alexander made sure to shake up the waters of the game with his choice, which resulted in chain reactions with perpetrator and… victim.

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The Islanders’ villa caught fire only on the second day. The morning awakening also brought the first reactions of the players, as the boys indirectly tried to capture the first impressions of the single Alexandros for the girls, but to no avail.

The participants made sure to get closer through exercise, while Christina gave a special yoga session to the boys who were… trying to follow her advice.

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The first test of the game turned out to be sweet, as the five couples would have to work together to make a cake, which resulted in a rather tame game, although many got into the… meaning early on.

Alexander highlighted the winning pair, with Claudia and Vassili enjoying the sweet labors of their endeavours, before it was their turn to discuss the latest addition to the villa.

The girls’ infamous dates with Alexander were planned with the… candidates showing particular eagerness to meet the new player, although some clearly showed more enthusiasm.

In practice, of course, things were different. Under the intense gaze of the men, Alexander’s dates with the girls were not the most suitable, as the behavior of the single player surprised most of the girls.

Nevertheless, many of the boys showed… special interest in the girls’ date, with the sole exception of George K., who managed to hide it thanks to his underrated acting skills.

Unfortunately for him, Alexander’s decision put him in a particularly awkward position, even if indirectly. This is because Alexandros “stole” Christina, until recently the lover of George G., who had from the beginning set his sights on the other George’s beloved, Anastasia!

The romance between the namesakes unraveled very quickly, as one’s moves irritated the other, as shown by his reactions.

Of course, Anastasia’s heart seems to lean to one side, as the first time she shared a few moments with George G., she unfolded her thoughts, to the extent that she snorted in front of him.

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