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The parties are gearing up for the elections


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The ND wants a clean lead in the elections that will pave the way for self-reliance for the second round – In Koumoundourou they believe that progressive governance can be implemented from the first polls.

by Antonis Angelettos

The election game will be judged on three levels. In the Parliament, in the preparation of the ballots, but also in the contact of the leaders with the society.

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Two big battles will be fought in the next period in the Parliament. The convening of the Plenary for the conclusion of the Commission of Inquiry on the surveillance case will be the last act of the meetings that lasted almost a month.

By a decision taken by majority it was decided that with yesterday’s testimony of the president of Nikos Androulakis, the list was completed of the witnesses. With the same decision, a deadline was given until October 10 for the parties to draw up their conclusive reports. The opposition disagreed with the closing of the list of witnesses, denouncing hasty completion of the work of the Commission of Inquiry.

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The next conflict in the Parliament will be lasting and has to do with his vote budget. It always carries the character of a vote of confidence, is the flagship bill of the state and will be the last budget voted before the polls.

It is clear that the two major parties are revving up their engines in October.

ND wants a clean first in the elections that will pave the way for self-reliance for the second round.

Alexis Tsipras and at his interview with ANT1 he appeared confident that his party would be the first to cut the thread, despite the opposite picture given by the opinion polls. In Koumoundourou they believe that progressive governance can be implemented from the first polls.

Kyriakos Mitsotakis is starting his tours again with the aim of visiting all the regions and prefectures of the country until the elections, presenting the work of the government highlighting at the local level the resolution of issues that have been lingering. Within the month there will be meetings for the preparation of the ballots where the outstanding issues will be discussed. Next Tuesday, October 4, the founding date of New Democracy, an event will be held at the party’s offices.

Alexis Tsipras will also make tours, while the official opposition still has to present approximately 90% of the ballots for the national elections.

During the week, the Executive Office met together with the competent Committee for Local Authorities (Ch. Spirtzis, K. Zachariadis, K. Notopoulou, K. Kniteou). The local government has always been the weak point of SYRIZA and so in Koumoundourou they decided to start preparations now for the elections that will be held a year from now. The procedures for self-government will be parallel to the national elections and the movements they are aiming to proceed with are:

– Open ballots, not partisan, with programmatic partnerships that will embrace the broad progressive line.
– It is being discussed that there should be a rule of incompatibility between a candidate for parliament, mayor and regional governor.
– Timely announcement of the nominations, which will have a self-governing nature, so that the ground for alliances can be laid early. The names are planned to be announced in early 2023.

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