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Kanye West Calls Black Lives Matter a ‘Shame’


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Used to generating buzz and causing controversy very often, singer Kanye West, 45, has returned to cause a stir. On his social media, he called the Black Lives Matter movement a ‘farce’.

“Everyone knows Black Lives Matter was a hoax, now it’s over, you’re welcome,” he posted on his Instagram Stories. The phrase comes to light shortly after he wears a tracksuit with the words “White Lives Matter” on a parade.

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In addition to him, other models wore the same outfit, which caused outrage among some black celebrities in the United States. One of them was Jaden Smith. “I don’t care who it is if I don’t feel the message that I’m out,” the rapper posted.

At the end of September, Ye, as Kanye is also known, surprised Brazilian fans and netizens by sharing photos of actress Bruna Marquezine, 27, in her Instagram Stories.

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In the images, Bruna appeared wearing an exclusive Burberry dress, totally transparent, which left her lingerie on display. He had already praised the Brazilian artist when he met her at the British fashion show, held in London, on September 26.

According to Vogue Brasil, when meeting Marquezine at the show, the rapper would have praised the choice of look. “Your dress of hers is beautiful,” West said. The look was also a subject in Brazil, after the first lady, Michele Bolsonaro, commented on a photo of the actress’ dress saying that she “likes to be ugly and vulgar”.

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