Why do we only begin to notice stress when it begins to affect us physically?


When we are stressed, it affects our body and we are not unfamiliar with this

Knot in the stomach, numbness in the limbs, discomfort in the gut are some of these expressions that more or less everyone has felt at some point.

But, we tend to ignore them and pretend they don’t exist because of our obligations, routine and everyday life that drags us along. We only realize that something is wrong when we reach the limits of physical and mental exhaustion.

Our body is programmed so that when it enters a state of stress, it does so for reasons of survival. The body releases cortisol to get ready and put survival first and everything else second.

This is called salutary stress, and it is what saves people over time, and after a few minutes it fades, when the supposed danger has passed.

But when we never let the body escape this state, it starts to lash out at itself, as a sign that something is wrong. For this reason, because it requires more energy and the metabolism works hard, we often notice symptoms such as fatigue, irritability, poor concentration, pain, and increased or decreased appetite.

It doesn’t matter if you recognize your stress after it reaches a physical level – that’s usually when we really see it – but understanding what’s going on and trying to reduce it.

How to stop the accumulation of stress?

1.Listen to your body

Close your eyes and feel every inch of your body. Ask yourself, why are you so tense and what is really wrong with you? Try to focus on the real cause of the stress, which once you discover you will be able to deal with it.

2. Call your feelings by their name

When you feel stressed, say it out loud to yourself or write it on a piece of paper and read it. Many times when we listen to our thinking we understand it better and the effect of noting how you feel will automatically bring you back to a calmer state.

3. Embrace every emotion

It is good not to go to extremes to recognize an emotion such as anxiety, because the brain is not used to being ready for each of them, whether positive or negative. So, start noticing yourself more, from the joy you get when you watch your favorite series, the satisfaction when you pass the class that has been tormenting you, to the anxiety about your standard annual exams.

Learn to recognize your every emotion and not to ignore the red flags, because otherwise it will erupt and be released in your physical health and many times it is not easy to manage it at such a level.

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