Gio Ewbank says he was harassed by an established Globo actor in ‘A Favorita’


In 2008, actress Giovanna Ewbank, 36, was just doing her second job at Globo, playing Sharon, a call girl who worked at an agency. Because of this, the costume was almost always more sensual than that of the other characters. And it was precisely on a day when she was wearing a shorter outfit that she says she was harassed within Globo.

“I remember that I was walking down the aisle to go to film and there was a very famous actor, older, with a super career. He was wearing very short shorts, [ele] went there, slapped me on the ass in the hallway in front of everyone and said: ‘It’s good, huh?’. I immediately went to the dressing room and started crying”, she recalled in a chat with Fernanda Paes Leme and Deborah Secco on the podcast Quem Pode, Pod.

Unsure of how to handle the situation at the time, Ewbank says she asked some co-stars about what action she should take, but was discouraged from telling her boss. “‘Man, don’t do anything! He’s so bad* and you’re going to get sick'”, would have said the colleagues.

The actress and presenter explains that if this situation had happened today, everything would be different. “At the time I didn’t think it was harassment. I felt uncomfortable, but [disse:] ‘Oh no, it’s not harassment,'” Ewbank concluded.

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