Deborah Secco reveals crush on Gio Ewbank: ‘I always wanted to get you’


The name of actress Deborah Secco, 42, ended up on the most talked about topics on Twitter in Brazil, on Thursday morning (6), after she revealed a crush on presenter Giovanna Ewbank, 36. At the end of September, she had declared bisexual.

“I’ve always wanted to catch you”, said the actress during her interview with the podcast Quem Pode Pod, by Ewbank with Fernanda Paes Leme, 39. “I have a lot to offer you. Bruno, let Giovanna go over to my house. If you’re curious , let’s solve this. These are things that we can’t let go.”

Secco didn’t spare the lines and continued praising Ewbank until Fe Paes Leme asked the two to kiss “quickly”. The actresses stood up and kissed each other. “Guys, it was worth a lot”, said the artist, who is married to Hugo Moura.

“I even tried to get Fernanda for a time, but it didn’t happen. But that’s ok, now she’s engaged. Let her get married”, continued Secco. “Oh, I’m nervous,” joked Fe Paes Leme, who is engaged to businessman Victor Sampaio.

Recently, Secco activated the candid mode while participating in Jojo Meia Nove, the “banned” version of the talk show Jojo Nove e Meia (Multishow) for YouTube. During the chat with Jojo Todynho, 25, and with sex education consultant Caroline Amanda, the actress commented on one of the taboos of female anatomy.

The trio was responding to a spectator named Luana, who wanted to know if it was true that a woman who has a lot of sex ends up with a “wide” vagina after some time, information she would have received from an aunt. “No, love, I’m living proof of that,” she said.

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