Gloria Groove rejects Multishow trophy offered by Anitta

Gloria Groove rejects Multishow trophy offered by Anitta

Singer Gloria Groove, 26, recognized today as one of the main artists of Brazilian music and the most listened to drag queen in the world, rejected the statuette of the Multishow Award offered by Anitta, which won two categories, Music of the Year and TVZ Clip for “Girl From Rio”. She thanked her friend and said that she dreams of winning the award on her own merits.

Anitta asked fans on Twitter if they would allow her to send one of the figurines to Gloria. “As I have two awards, I would like to ask my fans (who are responsible for all my awards in life) if they would allow me to send one to Gloria Groove. [Ela] Brazilian pop is stopping and deserves a lot of recognition”, wrote Anitta.

Gloria thanked Anitta and knows she says that because she believes in her art and recognizes her trajectory. “The real value of things is not what the system imposes, but the confidence that their art is so plural that it can captivate the public and break any imposition.”

Anitta said that Gloria and Brazilian rap are with everything. “My heart’s award this year goes to you and Matue. My top 5 most listened to this year in my Spotify retrospective.”

“I really dream about the day that I will hold my own prize in my hands, being the result of my own dedication. Thank you all for the messages of encouragement, affection and recognition of my work”, replied Gloria.

On November 26, the singer released the music video for the song “Leilão”, the third track from the album “Lady Leste”, still without a release date, which became one of the most talked about subjects on social networks.

In the clip, Gloria plays three characters to tell the story of a fantastic creature that goes through a great process of valorization until it takes its leading role. “Once again, I team up with Felipe Sassi to make cinema in ‘music video’, this time more cinema than ever”, he says.

Gloria has more than 5.1 million monthly listeners on Spotify and became the first solo drag to conquer the Billboard Top 200 – which names the biggest hits in the world, minus the United States – with the song “A Queda”.


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