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Four ways that prove how well navy goes with black


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Some fashion rules are made to be broken

Can you combine black and navy? Apparently yes.

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While fashionistas in the past have argued that we can’t combine these two colors because they look too similar, below you’ll find some combinations that will prepare you for any occasion and break the norm all the same.

A Navy/Black cocktail outfit

We all have a little black dress. However, the next time you wear it, opt for a navy blazer—extra points if you get a padded one like Jenné Taylor. Heels or vinyl boots are optional but – admit it – a very good idea.

Navy/Black outfit for every day

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Look at Cass Dimicco. Here, the style muse proves how a black cropped tank and dark jeans work great together in a casual outfit. Complete your outfit with a pair of sandals or black sneakers.

Navy/Black outfit for brunch

How cool our favorite Grece Ghanem did it: Saint Laurent revamps this classic ensemble with dark jeans and a blue blazer. Pair with a black graphic t-shirt for a casual yet cool look.

Navy/Black outfit for the next party

Camille Charriere wears a seductive navy silk slip dress and her cowboy boots, everything needed for a party. Complete with the right accessories and you are ready.

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