A Fazenda 14: Naldo admits to having hired a helicopter to throw red rose petals at the headquarters: ‘It’s sinister here’


While Pétala Barreiros believed that the overflight of a helicopter on the afternoon of this Tuesday (11) by the headquarters of A Fazenda 14 would have been her boyfriend’s idea, businessman Bernardo Coutinho, Ellen Cardoso, Moranguinho did not even suspect that the author of the romantic feat was even Naldo Benny. Yes, the aircraft that flew around the place and even threw red rose petals ended up being the singer’s “work”.

“Baby, I love you. I love you. The black here is sinister, I really fuck it up”, he said, in a video recorded inside the car. “Look at the color of the helicopter, man***!”, shouted the pedestrians, when they saw the aircraft. Even Deborah Albuquerque speculated that it could have been her husband, Bruno Salomão, who had come up with the idea. “Cute, send a fire signal, send something pink, a peacock cry”.

The production of Record’s reality did not like the surprise and ordered all the members of the cast to enter the house. The PlayPlus audio ended up being cut and the images recorded the animals. “Ai, pet, I love you. It made my day and my month”, Petal commented to his allies in the room. “If she hadn’t spoken yesterday, I would have been in doubt, if it was for me or for her”, said Deolane, already wanting to pull the sardine to her side. Strawberry Shortcake looked thoughtful.

Shortly after posting the story celebrating and tagging Ellen Cardoso, Naldo deleted the post, but it was too late. Fans of the couple delivered him on the networks and even an advisor to the singer was thrilled with the overflight saying that “the friend’s smile was priceless”. Naldo also posted a message on Twitter: “I love you Moor meu”, with heart emojis and a rose.

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