Fazenda 14: Iran Malfitano reveals that he is a ‘bad guy’ for Thomaz Costa


The departure of Tati Zaqui messed with the nerves of pedestrians in A Fazenda 14. In the early afternoon of this Friday (14), Iran Malfitano revealed to Thomaz Costa that he is not as good as he shows in the rural reality show on Record. He also said that he considers himself a “bad” person and even talked about how he would leave a rival during a fight.

“I’m bad. If I catch a guy, the first thing I do is turn his arms and legs down. I step on the knee and bring it against. The first punch in a fight is on the gogó. And then the guy will be [gestos para dizer que o cara está sem ar] and then you mistreat the way you want. Don’t kill no. He will remember you and say: ‘Put* what a birth, what the fuck’. Ready”, added scaring the Carousel actor, on SBT.

Iran also complained about the production of A Fazenda and said that he is seeing double standards for the two groups in the house. A chair was broken by Vini, several cake tins the first time, yesterday there were several cake tins again, and what happened? A 24-hour punishment. So let’s break a chair, let’s break some things,” he commented.

The actor continued to complain about the station and the attraction: “To be a correct program, right, it has to be the same for everyone. because credibility isn’t having any”. Then, the signal from the cameras was cut by Playplus, Record’s streaming service. When the signal came back, Iran said to Thomaz: “I’m angry.”

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