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Love Island: The double departure that brings the twist! – The adventures in the villa continue (trailer)


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Maria and Argyris are enjoying their breakfast in the suite and while everything seems to be going smoothly in their relationship, the same is not true for Julia and Panagiotis who in the morning found them in separate beds. The tensions between them do not say to stop. Giorgos S. also faces difficulties with Katerina whom he feels… “elsewhere” and maybe he is not wrong! Claudia confesses to the girls that she and Alexander L. feel as if they have known each other for a long time.

The day may have started well for Maria, but her continuation bodes even better! It’s the girl’s birthday and the rest of the Islanders are throwing her a surprise garden party!

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In this happy atmosphere no one could have expected the sequel. A message announces Iliana’s arrival at the villa. The scenarios that the Islanders make for this visit are many, however, all the assumptions are far from reality. At the end of this visit two Islanders will have to say goodbye to the villa and Tenerife. But how do we get there? The answer tonight at 23:15 to .

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“Love Island” seems to be made for her

She came to Tenerife at the urging of her boyfriend, she is looking forward to meeting new people and has certainly gained the attention of the Islanders. Let’s get to know her better.

Name: Katerina Vagancia
Age: 25 years old
Capacity: Barwoman/Model
Zodiac sign: Twin
Celebrity Crush: Johnny Depp

She comes from Athens, has 4 brothers and has a weakness for her little brother, Pantelis. She is a dynamic and independent girl as she has lived alone since she was 17.
She is very spontaneous and cannot hide her feelings and opinion. She is attracted to active boys with a sense of humor.
When it comes to relationships, he is a stable type. She has been in 2 major relationships and broke up a few months ago from her last relationship.

He signed up for Love Island completely out of the blue. One morning her best friend woke her up and told her “Katerina, this is for you, you have to do it!”. She comes to Love Island because she sees it as a top choice in this particular period of her life and is looking forward to the new acquaintances she will make, while love is not excluded from her plans! Who will be the lucky one?

Love Island… spread the love! Every Tuesday to Saturday at 23:15, at .

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