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A Fazenda 14: Thomaz Costa is the fifth eliminated from the reality


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Actor Thomaz Costa was the fifth pawn eliminated this season from the reality show A Fazenda 14 (Record) with 17.31% of the votes, on Thursday night (20). He disputed the permanence in the reality with Deolane Bezerra and Shayan Haghbin.

In Record TV’s reality, the public votes on who they want to remain in the game and the one with the least votes leaves the reality. Therefore, Thomaz asked in the live vote for Internet users to vote for Shayan to remain on the reality show.

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Thomaz told Adriane Galisteu that he was already weakened even before Tati Zaqui was eliminated from the game, but that his game is now starting outside of reality. “I will unmask these people, especially Deolane who destroyed my dream,” he said.

Shay was the first pawn to be given a new chance to get back in the game with 36.72%. Galisteu said that the order of the announcement of the saved pawns had nothing to do with the vote. After learning that he was safe, Shay thanked him for continuing in the game and was hugged by Thomaz. “Thank you, God, family, Brazil.”

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The Iranian entered the farmhouse screaming and provoked the peasants Bia Miranda, Pétala Barreiros and Moranguinho, who accused him of watching them take a bath. “Accuss more,” shouted Shay, as he cheered with his group.

Vini Büttel approached the pawn to start a fight, but was held back by Iran Malfitano and Lucas Santos. After him, it was Tiago Ramos’ turn to try to fight with Shay, but he was controlled by Lucas and Strawberry Shortcake.

Deolane was the second pawn saved with 45.97%. She left the place of elimination saying thank you to Adriane Galisteu and without looking at Thomaz’s face. On the way back, she was barely able to celebrate because Tiago Ramos attacked Shay with a bottle of water. The ninjas entered the reality to break up the fight.

Galisteu said live that the production will analyze the images to confirm if there was aggression and if any pedestrians will be expelled. Group A says that Shayan assaulted Tiago.

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