Jade Picon reflects on her privileges and highlights the importance of choices


Jade Picon used her social media on Saturday night (22) to reflect on her life and the way people see it. The 21-year-old, who is debuting as an actress in the soap opera “Travessia” (Globo), spoke about the privileges she has and the choices she had to make.

“There’s a lot of privilege there, I recognize it 100%. I have privileges that I don’t even know I have, but I have. But I don’t disregard that either. [as escolhas]. Having the options and choosing what I want, what I think is best for me. There are things we don’t choose, but there are things I choose,” he said.

Jade’s reflection began when she spoke to her followers about not going out with friends on Saturday night. According to her, this has been the only day to enjoy, as she has been recording from Monday to Saturday, but this time she was going to stay at home to rest. “Every choice is a waiver,” she said.

“Every choice has a loss and I’m not just talking about the choice not to leave. Often what seems the coolest is not the best. It’s about balance. that take us where we want to go.”

“I see people say that I’m privileged, and I am! I know that, I don’t deny it, I’ve never denied it”, he continued. “Sometimes I’m portrayed as if… the crowd has a totally disconnected image. But that’s it… according to my reality, tools and dreams I choose”.

Influencer since childhood, Jade greatly expanded her audience by participating in Big Brother Brasil 22 (Globo) and, now, with the soap opera “Travessia”, where she gives life to Chiara. Her debut provoked controversy for not having studied to be an actress and later because of the character’s carioca accent.

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