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Jennifer Lopez can’t stand Ben Affleck’s messiness and smoking – The first “dark clouds” after their marriage


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The couple had some fights and disagreements, as a result of which the actor temporarily left the house

Jennifer Lopez demands from him Ben Affleck specific conditions to live together, as written by several international media. Although it seemed like this fairytale wedding would have a happy ending, it might not after all…

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Two weddings, many trips and several joint photos foretold a cinematic romance. However, as many say that “love kills love”, it seems to be true in the case of this particular couple.

Almost a month after their wedding in Georgia, speculation began about the couple’s possible separation and a few weeks ago they stopped living together. The singer wanted to satisfy her husband, as the international media write, in every way, keeping him busy with various hobbies at home.

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Smoking and clutter, the reasons…
Jennifer Lopez didn’t want to divorce and did everything to make it happen, but she couldn’t stand it. Smoke and clutter are the main reasons, as Ben Affleck could smoke all day, one cigarette after another, and the famous singer literally hates smoking. In addition, he leaves his things everywhere, without picking up a single plate.

Faced with this situation, the two had some fights and disagreements, as a result of which the actor temporarily left the house.

With spirits calmed down, the singer is willing to forgive her husband if he changes his “bad habits”. For his part, Affleck is willing to completely change his behavior and return to live with his wife and children.

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