Zezé Di Camargo says he dates Graciele in the car to keep his passion burning


Singer Zezé Di Camargo, 59, reveals that he never lets the fire of passion he feels for model and journalist Graciele Lacerda, 41, go out. In an interview with F5, he says that he usually goes out to date her two to three times a week.

“It’s inside the car, we stop on the street, [sexo] in the car. The danger of someone passing… We bow our heads. It’s worth it, you have to live it your whole life. Emotions are there to be experienced,” he explains.

On the professional side, Zezé has many projects for 2022, among them an album that he has already recorded all within his farm in Araguapaz (GO): “Zezé Di Camargo Rústico”. The album, which should be released early next year, should mark a tour by the musician without his brother Luciano Camargo.

However, those who think that both will no longer make presentations together are mistaken. “Luciano took the gospel side and is very cool. He sings very well and it’s dirty to have to do second voice all his life. The brand Zezé Di Camargo and Luciano belongs to the fans, they can’t be orphans of us”, he says.

In the chat with the F5, Zezé still opens the game about his relationship with his ex-wife, Zilu, says what he thinks about the reopening of events, talks about the possibility of having Carnival and evaluates that, if it weren’t for the pandemic, he wouldn’t have had time to settle down. to say goodbye to his father, Seu Francisco, who died at the end of 2020 from pulmonary emphysema.

“For the last four months of his life, the last conversation was always with me. Every night, from 9:30 pm to 10:00 pm, I stayed there with him talking until I fell asleep.”

Check out edited excerpts from the interview below.

How do you see country music today?

20 years ago, country music was the most heard rhythm in the country. Since we started with the Amigos project, country music has never ceased to have the largest audience, not only in the Midwest, but in the Northeast as well. I see today that country music is growing more. Bringing the young man to enjoy. Zezé and Luciano were called “new sertanejo” in the past. These barriers that we have been crossing over the years are fresh.

What do you think of women in the sertanejo?

The country people have always been very sexist, and when women began to sing and speak in a more direct language, we saw that it is possible. I think this is cool. I learned a lot from women. I had a very close relationship with Marília [Mendonça]. Not wanting to brag, but she was known among her friends as “Zezé in a skirt” for the way she sang, for her boleros. She said she liked to write like me.

What did Marília teach you?

Not only her, but Maiara and Maraisa, Paula Fernandes, Simone and Simaria… I have a bit of a female soul. I’m a fan of my daughter [Wanessa], who sings in all genres, in English, and that brought me closer to women in the sertanejo. Now the number of women in the branch has grown to defend their side.

You recently recorded a video with Gabi Martins and Tierry. Why this choice?

They participated in a clip of a song called “Banalizar”. I wanted a romantic couple and invited them. I thought it would be cool for them to act as actors in the music. The clip was beautiful and we’re going to release it in January. I think it’s the couple of the moment. I’m not a fool or anything.

Do you think love has been trivialized?

The word itself, yes, but love will never be trivialized. In the song I say that “there are people who don’t love and are talking”. In the feeling, no. Love will always be love.

Do you often tell Graciele Lacerda a lot that you love her?

this woman here [aponta para ela] just look and this love [que sentimos um pelo outro] is already stamped.

And by the way, how to keep the flame of passion burning with Graciele?

Love has to walk with attraction. The flame has to keep being lit, that dating thing. We go out to date two or three times a week. It’s inside the car, we stop on the street, do it in the car. The danger of someone passing… We bow our heads. It’s worth it, you have to live it your whole life. Emotions are there to be experienced.

Do you still have contact with Zilu Godoy?

These are phases of life, I loved my ex-wife a lot, and today I know that love does not cease to exist, it changes forms. I still love my ex-wife, she is the mother of my children, she will never cease to exist, but as a woman I love Graci.

How have you seen the resumption of music after the isolation caused by the pandemic?

It is necessary to go back, the world should not have stopped at any time. We had to have been careful, inspecting people’s habits, the environments, but I shouldn’t have stopped everything. The economy now we feel. Gasoline consumption today is greater than production in the world, many people stopped producing and this influences inflation. I think that going back now we have to be careful in the agglomerations, when arriving at the environments.

And the shows?

I’m vaccinated, I had Covid, I do regular tests. If you are careful, you can go back, yes. Our profession, entertainment, was the biggest loser. And entertainment is superfluous. With care, everyone can work and not spread the virus. If you can make an environment with 3,000, 4,000 people and I can test them all, I think that’s fine.

In your opinion, should Carnival happen?

People will fight with me, but I don’t think there’s any way to control it. A million people on the street. We will no longer do shows on New Year’s Eve, for example. Putting 400 thousand people in the square is not worth it, it’s taking a risk. When a new wave threatens, we have to be prepared. Virus nobody knows how to treat right. The people themselves are the ones who will watch this best, it’s no use having a decree, the president speaking. Human being who will see and be careful. We have to be aware.

Talk about your projects for 2022.

A lot of things, there are more projects. We debut the miniseries produced by Netflix on the 9th about my life and is called “É o Amor”. Afterwards, I released an album with Wanessa on the 10th, which is called “Pai e Filha”. And I’m going to launch an individual project called “Zezé Di Camargo Rústico”, which I recorded on my farm. I will still make a DVD in March. And Zezé and Luciano never stop either.

What do you think about Luciano’s solo career?

We’re doing fewer shows out of caution. Luciano took the gospel side and is very cool. He sings really well and it’s slutty to have to do a second voice all your life. The Zezé Di Camargo e Luciano brand belongs to the fans, it is just like the football team that belongs to the fans. All their lives fans have watched our shows, bought our CDs, they can’t be orphans from us. It’s good to have side projects, with the project “Rústico” myself, I want to do solo shows in Brazil, as well as with Wanessa.

What was it like to spend the last few moments with your father?

If the pandemic did anything good, that was it, living the last four months of my father’s life beside him on the farm. He had a disease that he couldn’t solve, pulmonary emphysema. I had to improve his quality of life and one of the things was being by his side.

How did you stay present?

In his last four months, the last conversation was always with me. Every night, from 9:30 pm to 10:00 pm, I stayed there with him talking until I fell asleep. And if it weren’t for the pandemic, it wouldn’t have happened. In February [de 2020], we had recorded 60 concert calls until June. Surely that steamroller would continue in our lives and I would not have been by his side.


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