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Charles Dickens’ love of Italian wine – He gave £15,000, because as they say… ‘wine makes the heart glad’


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The English novelist knew Italian wine very well

A letter from one of the most iconic authors of the world literary landscape, the Charles Dickens, was auctioned with an estimated price of over 2,300 euros. It is an 1845 note to London wine importer James Livermore, in which the writer states: “I have been sent a cask of Italian wine from Carrara. And I want you to be so kind as to send some one to-morrow morning to bottle it. Looks like there was an old hole in the barrel and thirteen gallons spilled out! So, I want to take care of the rest, without delay.”

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According to the Times, after about two weeks, Dickens paid £20 to the wine merchant.

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Charles Dickens' gun

It is noted that the publisher of the book “The Charles Dickens Letters Project”, Leon Litvak, stated that the author “got to know Italian wine very well” from a visit to Italy. He stayed for a year in various regions, including Carrara, where Vermentino Nero (a variety of red wine) is mainly grown. According to the publication, the English novelist reportedly spent £15,000 a year on wine, equivalent to around £2m today.

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