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Rethymno: The 68-year-old man is in prison for the rape of his underage granddaughter


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The 68-year-old is accused of rape and attempted rape in succession as well as child abuse

The 68-year-old man accused of raping his underage granddaughter is being sent to prison.

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According to information from cretapost, the 68-year-old was remanded in custody with the agreement of the Investigator and Prosecutor after his plea and is expected to be sent to prison.

It is recalled that the 68-year-old is accused of rape and attempted rape and for abuse of a minor in negligence.

Horrific descriptions – His granddaughter tried to end her life

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The 14-year-old described the nightmarish moments she lived in the hands of her grandfather to the doctors and the police.

She herself, last September, tried to end her life by cutting her veins, as a result of which she was transferred to the hospital of Rethymnon. There, feeling safe, she opened her heart to a nurse and described what she was experiencing. She herself was first raped by her grandfather at the age of 5 or 6 (she cannot remember the exact date). Since then, her grandfather approached her often enough to satisfy his sick appetites.

In fact, once – as she mentioned – he went to rape her but her brother entered the house and “cut” the grandfather.

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