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Read how to make your home brighter – Here you will find many ideas


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Natural light is the number one feature people look for when buying a home

In a recent research we read that man feels happier with sunlight shining in the house than with any other element.

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The survey also revealed that when renovating their home, 1 in 6 people focused on creating additional light sources.

Exposure to daylight has already been linked to improved levels of well-being and mood, while in architectural terms, natural light in the home can not only make a room brighter, but also give the feeling that the space is he is older.

Here are the best tips to make your home brighter:

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Light colors reflect sunlight beautifully

Paint the walls of your home with lighter colors. Ditch the statement wallpapers and dark shades. White tones will make a space brighter as they will reflect the natural light entering the room, instead of absorbing it.

However, Chris Harvey, interior designer from Stelrad, suggests that we avoid painting the walls off-white, as this can make our space look colder, “instead,” he says, “it’s better to use an off-white shade , as this will provide a much warmer result.”

If, now, you’re a color lover, Farah Arshad, head of design at Dusk, suggests trying subtle hues that maintain a sense of space: “Neutral and earth tones are a popular choice for this season.”

For a professional finish, opt for iridescent over matte paint – gloss helps diffuse light and gives the illusion of a larger space. Another trick is to paint the ceiling a few shades lighter than the walls to create an airy feel.

The right flooring can help

More natural light in the home

The floor can also be turned into a light-friendly reflector by choosing wood, laminate, ceramic or stone materials with a glossy finish, which will reflect much more light than carpets. If you prefer a rug, then stick to light, neutral colors.

Decorate the rooms with mirrors and reflective accessories

More natural light in the home

Metal, glass and mirrored accessories! All of these can help make the most of available light and add stylish touches throughout the home. By reflecting light, I guarantee that even the smallest house will appear brighter and more spacious.

Carefully placed mirrors naturally reflect light and are the most effective way to create the illusion of a larger space. Proper placement is everything, and Farah Arshad suggests placing them “right across from windows to reflect more natural light into the room – especially if you live in a small space.”

Do not neglect the external environment

The impact that greenery outside your home can have on lighting levels inside should not be underestimated, as if daylight is already blocked outside your home, it will be even more difficult to improve it inside. .

Chris Harvey, advises landlords to “prune any trees, shrubs or climbing plants that grow around their doors and windows that may block light”.

“While you’re out and about, it’s also worth cleaning your windows to ensure that plenty of light comes in, as by cleaning them, the glass will be able to filter even more light into your home.”

Change the furniture arrangement

Bulky furniture not only blocks light, but also makes a space seem smaller. We recommend reassessing your furniture arrangement and asking yourself – is this the best use of space? Is this piece of furniture necessary or unnecessary for my daily needs?

Invest in windows

If it is on budged, then the best way to increase natural light in your home is to install new large windows and doors. Large bi-fold doors are a great choice as they can transform an entire wall of your home into glass with amazing views and great light levels.

Gavin Helgeson, Rooflight Division Manager at Duplus, points out that the company he works for has seen an increase in customers looking to improve the lighting in their space. He suggests investing in more windows, including glass ceilings, to let in as much light as possible.

Enhance the sunlight with artificial

More natural light in the home

Enhance the natural brightness of your space with artificial light that will intensify any natural light that enters your home. Pay special attention to places where light from windows does not reach, such as difficult corners and corridors.

Installing dimmer switches will give you more control over how a space is lit, allowing you to gradually change light levels as the natural light in your home changes throughout the day.

“Popular LED bulbs offer three main options: soft/warm white, bright/cool white and natural light,” says Jo Dyson, renovation and interiors expert for the Homebuilding & Renovating Show and co-founder of Mae House Design. “For a comfortable, relaxing space I tend to use warm white light. I’m a big fan of dimmers and not just for main living areas as they are just as important in bedrooms and bathrooms. If you’re getting ready for work in the morning, say, you might choose a light-filled bedroom or an equally bright bathroom, but you definitely want the lights dimmed when you’re relaxing and getting ready for bed.”

Pay attention to blinds and curtains

More natural light in the home

Like bulky furniture, heavy curtains can block or even hide precious sunlight. So choose blinds that can be rolled up or opened easily, allowing you to adjust them based on the movement of the sun.

Also, regarding the curtains we suggest to put hooks, but what we mainly suggest is to choose lighter and more natural fabrics and not heavy ones, like velvet. Light sleepers, fear not, as you’ll still have dimming options.

Finally, if you want to maintain your privacy but also want the light to shine through the house, sheer curtains are a great choice.

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