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We travel to 8 unknown, but beautiful Greek villages


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Mikrolimni is a small lakeside village on the banks of Mikri Prespa

  • Arachova, Nafpaktia

At a distance of 81 km north of Nafpaktos and 52 km south of Karpenissi, Arachova is amphitheatrically built at an altitude of 650 to 1100 meters, on the slopes of Mount Kokkinia and overlooks the artificial lake and the narrows of the Evinos river.

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With a rare beauty, with abundant running water, traditional stone-built houses, stone fountains and threshing floors, century-old plane trees and a view that truly takes your breath away, the unknown to many Arachova stands there and just waits for you to discover it.

  • Small lake of Prespa

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Mikrolimni is a small lakeside village on the banks of Mikri Prespa at an altitude of 850 meters and is about 35 kilometers from the city of Florina.

Small lake of Prespa

With a unique view of the lake and a wonderful oak and cedar forest on its side, it offers beautiful images of unparalleled natural beauty to anyone who visits. The tranquility of the place is not disturbed even by the bell of the small church at the entrance of the village.

Apart from the few inhabitants of Mikrolimni who do not exceed a few dozen people in total, during your stay there you will meet magnificent cormorants, rare herons, frogs, water snakes and many other species of waterfowl.

One of the most beautiful villages of the Ionian Islands goes by the name “Chorio” and is located on the island of Othoni, at the westernmost tip of Greece.

Othon village

When the pirates plowed the seas, the first settlers of Othoni decided to build their houses on the specific part of the island, with the aim of having the visual contact that the hill offered them with the sea, but not being able to become spectators in her.

The traditional beautiful small houses of the Village are located next to each other and are built mainly of stone and tiles, following the Epirus architecture. A walk on its narrow cobblestones is capable of bringing you back several years, with the wet scents of flowers filling your nostrils and the magnificent view of the open ocean conquering all your visual cells.

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