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Netizens support Gisele and criticize Tom Brady after divorce: ‘He’s the one who loses’


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NFL player Tom Brady, 45, became the target of criticism and memes on social media after Gisele Bündchen, 42, published the divorce announcement on the networks this Friday (28). Many said that the player is the one who loses the most with the divorce, called him a donkey for choosing football and that the model is an icon for forcing him to now take care of his children with shared custody.

“Tom announcing the divorce calling Gisele his wife [esposa] and her calling him Tom, well done,” wrote one netizen in a meme posted on Twitter. Another shared a photo of Brady in a bar next to a bottle of booze after the model’s divorce.

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An RBD fan club sided with Gisele in the divorce. “Gisele announcing divorce. “He loses, she wins. Better to be alone than with a dead weight on your side. Shine Gisele”, he wrote in the profile.

While other netizens celebrate the divorce and are shipping the model with an old boyfriend. “The plot twist of this divorce from Gisele that I wanted would be her dating again [Leonardo] DiCaprio,” tweeted one netizen alongside a photo of the ex-couple.

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“Thinking here about how many times Tom Brady must have said he was going to retire to Gisele Bündchen and not having done it so that an extra year was enough for her to file for a divorce”, commented a user of the social network with the picture of a discouraged woman.

Another netizen called Brady a dumbass for divorcing the model over football. “I wanted to congratulate Brady for being the dumbest man on the planet, the citizen has more titles than all the NFL franchises, came back from retirement and only managed to dig a divorce with Gisele and guess what, the team sucks this season. “

One woman scoffed that Brady will now have to take care of the kids due to joint custody. “Gisele Bündchen asked Giselo to retire and spend more time with his family. He didn’t want to. Now they’re going to sign the divorce papers and have joint custody. He’s going to be with the kids half the time, yes. Gisele icon! PS. she is richer than he is.”

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