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Anise: The love between Stratis and Razan leads to a dead end – See excerpt


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Razan (E. Pieridou) gives the gift of Stratis to Fazia (R. Savis), to hide it.

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At the hospital, Angelos (V. Athanasopoulos) who survived the explosion is with Margarita (T. Vostanzoglou) and the angry Thanasis (A. Kontopoulos) who warns him once again to stop messing around. And while Stratis (G. Papageorgiou), Raphael (A. Raphael) and Aliki (M. Marnelis) learn that Angelos and Margarita discovered an illegal refugee trafficking ring, Razan (E. Pieridou) gives Stratis’ gift in Fazia (R. Sawis), to hide it.

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And while all this is happening, Paul (D. Apostolopoulos) is dating Anastasia (G. Georgakopoulou) who doesn’t let her know that Angelos and Margarita discovered a ring, while Alice leaves for Athens again with Raphael deciding to follow her secretly.

At the same time, Razan meets with Stratis to thank him for his gift…


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